Born in Lebanon in 1926, Abboud graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in 1947.He then moved to Paris,
where he frequented Andre Lhote’s workshop. He was the pupil of cubist master Fernand Leger. He studied drawing and engraving at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts.
In 1959, Abboud participated in the first Biennale to be held in Paris. He was awarded the prix Victor Choquet in 1961. Consequently ,he had solo exhibitions in France, Lebanon, Italy, Germany,
Holland, and Denmark. His works are in the permanent collection of Centre Pompidou in Paris, and hanging on the walls of French government buildings, and in major collection around the world.
A major retrospective was held at the Institut Du Monde Arabe ,Paris 2011, and at Beirut Exhibition Center 2012, comprising more than 190 works from all his periods. Abboud died in 2004, and was buried in his hometown Bekfaya, Lebanon.