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September20-October 20,

Maisara Baroud is a Gazan artist, living under siege since 2007. His  powerful ink on paper works depict hazy grey scenes of eviction,  incarceration and movement of bodies where gravity is totally absent. In  his words, “It is an aesthetic cry that describes human suffering in different parts of the world, in particular the Palestinian people’s suffering “.

The revelation of a tortured psyche echoes life in Gaza. Absurd attempts to  overcome all kinds of obstructiveness are clearly sensed in his works. Each work carries an existential invitation to reflect on the human condition. Maisara’s work rhymes with universal values of the quest for freedom, more specifically his own pursuit with an active appeal to the audience. In Jean Paul Sartre’s words, “every imaginary presentation of the world” is an act of “a” freedom speaking to “other” freedoms about possible ways of engaging freedom in the world.

We invite you to this journey of reflexivity.

Rula Alami


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